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This morning whilst perusing my google reader...

Somerton man arrested on bestiality, molestation charges

The Yuma County Sheriff's Office says a 22-year-old Somerton man was arrested on charges including sexual conduct with a minor and bestiality.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection contacted the sheriff's office on July 2 regarding possible criminal activity that was disclosed during a pre-employment screening.

YCSO investigators interviewed Cody Slaughter and he reportedly confirmed that his previous statements to Customs and Border Protection were true and accurate. During the interviews, he admitted to molesting a 2-year-old girl eight years ago, having sexual interaction with several species of animals and a history of drug use.

Let this be a lesson - if your history involves molestation of children and animals, try to get a job at the TSA, not border patrol.

He probably thought that his history of drug abuse makes him qualified for confiscating drugs from immigrants, but the molestation, especially of children, is pure TSA.

Think smart and plan your career goals based on your life experience.

Hope this helps, Mr. Slaughter.


The Rt Rev Ó Foghladha-Röhm
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Barbarian Rites

totally stealing from lordhellebore

ABC meme

The Letter A
Are you available? -- Always, also when I'm in relationships.
What is your age? -- 33
What annoys you? - Everything.

The Letter B
Do you live in a big house? -- No.
When is your birthday? -- 01.12.78

The Letter C
What's your favorite candy? -- Smartees
Who's your crush? -- C'mon, you know.
When was the last time you cried? -- A few weeks ago.

The Letter D
Do you daydream? -- Yes.
What's your favorite kind of dog? -- Snoop Doggy Dogg
What day of the week is it? -- Tirsdaeg

The Letter E
How do you like your eggs? -- Fried, with cheese.
Have you ever been in the emergency room? -- Plenty
What's the easiest thing ever to do? -- Act like an idiot.

The Letter F
Have you ever flown in a plane? -- Yes.
Do you use fly swatters? -- Nah.
Have you ever used a foghorn? -- No.

The Letter G
Do you chew gum? -- Occasionally
Are you a giver or a taker? -- Giver.
Do you like gummy sweets? -- Whassat?

The Letter H
How are you? -- Not drunk. That's a problem.
What's your height? -- 5'9"
What color is your hair? -- Dark brown.

The Letter I
What's your favorite ice cream? -- Strawberry
Have you ever ice skated? -- No.
Do you play an instrument? -- Guitar, poorly.

The Letter J
What's your favorite jelly bean? -- Black. Like my soul.
Have you ever heard a really hilarious joke? -- Nothing is funny. Everything is black!!
Do you wear jewellery? -- Necklaces.

The Letter K
Do you want kids? -- Yes
Where did you have kindergarten? -- MD and FL

The Letter L
Are you laid back? -- Usually.
Do you lie? -- When necessary.
When was your last kiss? -- A couple months ago.

The Letter M
What's your favorite movie? -- Cannibal Holocaust
Do you like mangos? -- Never had them..

The Letter N
Do you have a nickname? -- Sir.
What's your favorite number? -- 3.
Do you prefer night over day? -- I like the night. I am a creature of the night...!!

The Letter O
What's your one wish? -- Health.
Are you an only child? -- Yes.
Do you wish this was over? -- Sure.

The Letter P
What one fear are you most paranoid about? -- Everything.
What are your pet peeves? -- People who press charges.
What's a personality trait you look for in people? -- Lack of mental stability.

The Letter Q
What's your favorite quote? BAZINGA! - Sheldon
Does time seem to pass quickly or slowly? Depends.
Are you quick to judge people? Yes.

The Letter R
Do you think you're always right? -- Obviously.
Do you watch reality tv? -- Does wishing TBBT, Doctor Who and Dexter were real count?
What's a good reason to cry? -- What's NOT?

The Letter S
Do you prefer sun or rain? -- Sun.
Do you like snow? -- Only to look at, so no, not really.
What's your favorite season? -- Autumn.

The Letter T
What time is it? -- Same time it was this time yesterday.
What time did you wake up? -- Noon.
When was the last time you slept in a tent? -- Never,

The Letter U
Are you wearing underwear? -- No, I am naked and fondling myself.
Do you prefer underwear or thongs? -- Underwear
Underwear or boxers? -- Boxers

The Letter V
What's the worst veggie? -- I like them all if prepared right.
Where do you want to go on vacation? -- Germany, Ireland
Where was your last vacation to? -- Vacation? What's that?

The Letter W
What's your worst habit? -- Breathing.
What are you wearing? -- Thor's Hammer, BAZINGA! shirt, jeans, boxers, socks.
Where do you live? -- MA

The Letter X
Have you ever had an x-ray? -- Regularly.
Have you seen the x-games? -- Is that some kind of porno movie?
Do you own a xylophone? -- No.

The Letter Y
Do you like the color yellow? -- I like The King in Yellow. A good story.
What year were you born in? -- 1978
What's one thing you yearn for? -- YOU.

The Letter Z
What's your zodiac sign? -- Sagittarius in Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury, Taurus rising, Venus in Scorpio.
Do you believe in the zodiac? -- If there's a steady paycheck in it, I'll believe anything you want.
What's your favorite zoo animal? -- Zoos are animal cruelty.
Sylar Not A Good Boy

A couple days ago, in a Massachusetts city not far from me...


It is a period of civil war. Young Jedi trainees are dueling and improving their skill with the lightsaber, readying for battle.

During the training, a few Jedi trainees are detected by the Lawful School Authorities.

Pursued by the Lawful School Authorities, the detected Jedi trainees face their first great peril - The Zero Tolerance Rule, controlled by the mighty Lawful School Authority Sith Lord Raymond Broderick; an armored rule that is impervious to common sense, with enough power to destroy an entire graduation...
Barbarian Rites

White t-shirts lead to white supremacism

It's true.

So, look at this story.

A high school in Soquel, California suspended some students because they wore white t-shirts.

"All the girls wore pink, all the sports guys wore tank tops," says Soquel High Senior Mikey Donnelly. "We were all going to wear white so that was the plan. Just wear white t-shirts to identify ourselves and look back and say that was our group of friends right there."

Yes, I see it exactly. A group of guys all wearing the same colours out in California... seems totally innocent.

Of course, these proto David Dukes are protesting. "We're innocent," they cry. "We just wanted to say, 'hey, that's us, the guys in the white tees!'"

That'd be all well and good, except, well, there were other guys who liked to wear white.

These guys loved... wait... what the fuck? Wrong picture, hold on, let me fix this.

There we go.

These guys loved the colour white too. a whole lot. Because when you think about it, a preference for white in one area will inevitably lead to a preference for it in other areas. One day, you're just admiring white dress shirts - the next day, you're admiring white skin. It only makes sense.

So the school took the only reasonable course of action, and suspended these Klansmen for three days. After all, they were upsetting others, and if that's not a crime, I don't know what is.

Donnelly said the school told him people were offended and intimidated by his group, claiming they're a white supremacist gang.

The Lawful School Authorities only had safety in mind. They work hard to promote a tolerate, diverse environment, and people wearing white t-shirts simply destroys it entirely. I know that if I were black, and I saw someone wearing a white shirt, I'd fear for my life - all white supremecists wear them.

Take a look at the man above. That's rapper Jay-Z and he's wearing a white t-shirt. He is clearly a white supremacist. It is the only possible explanation for that t-shirt.

Now you might argue, "But Rt. Rev. Sir Michael Lee von Foley-Röhm I, 16th Baron of Xternetsa, Jay-Z is black. That doesn't make any sense. Why would he be a white supremacist?"

First, thank you for addressing me by my full title. Secondly, in answer to your query, well, don't worry, non-whites can be white supremacists. A chilling expose on this subject by investigative journalist David Chappelle premiered on no less an authority than Frontline, and it can be viewed here.

Second, consider the case of David Mine, one of the supremacists at the school.

"I feel disrespected," says Soquel High Senior David Mine.
Mine also wore a white t-shirt and was also suspended. He's missing out on finals and that could jeopardize his graduation.
"I'm Asian," says Mine. "I don't see how I can be a white supremacist. I'm against it completely."

He's an Asian-American, who was wearing a white t-shirt (which clearly marks him as a white supremacist) and yet he plays the race card when he is called out on his dearly-held beliefs. What a disgusting human being he is.

The Lawful School Authorities have only the best interests of the students in mind, please never forget that.

Soquel High Principal Ken Lawrence-Emanuel was very tight-lipped about it, saying students' punishments are confidential. But told me the school got several complaints about a white pride group on campus.
"Safety is always first at Soquel High," says Lawrence-Emanuel. "We want to make sure we do everything we can to keep people from feeling and being safe on campus."

Yes, you read it right. The Lawful School Authorities are doing everything they can to keep people from having any emotional reaction to anything or being safe on campus.

Wait, WHAT?!
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fb entry from a couple days ago

it amazes me how I went from being terrified of needles to being very accepting of them. I don't know what happened to my trauma and fear, it just... melted away.

Every morning for a week, I got stuck and got my blood drawn, and was fine. Getting an IV? Fine. Getting a new one? Fine. When the nurse took out my IV for to-day before I returned back here, she left it on the table, and I picked it up and looked at it. It's so harmless. It itches and irritates sometimes, but the thing is actually really quite nice.

Winged infusion sets ("butterfly needles") are quite remarkable, really. I have small veins, so I cannot take bigger needles, generally, so IVs are winged needles. Then the tubes are connected and various medications and saline solution are injected into the IV.

Turning something scary into a learning experience really helps a lot, but I seriously have no idea where the fear went. Not that I want to get IVs, mind you. If God were to tell me tomorrow that I would live my entire life without ever getting another one, I would not mourn it, haha. But I'm just... not afraid any more.

What the hell happened? Mom would be proud, but I didn't do it; not for me, not for her, not for anyone. It just kind of... up and left one day.

Also got a haircut to-day, thus the photos. I'm glad to get a haircut. My hair was getting long and scruffy, and that's never good. It's been months since I've seen my barber.

A couple of the nurses seemed impressed by the new haircut, all dressed up in my flatcap, my button up shirt, tie, dress pants, etc. heh heh. Why do they all have to be married?

Sors salutis
et virtutis
michi nunc contraria
est affectus
et defectus
semper in angaria!

In all seriousness though, it's pretty remarkable, and I don't know how it happened. Quite confusing, but a good sort of confusing.
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(no subject)

"Decisions, decisions. On the one hand, it has been hip to beatify Ghandi ever since Richard Attenborough's hagiographic pic came out 20 years ago. On the other hand, Ghandi was mortally opposed to contraception, which utterly confuses our chattering classes.

The normal scale of values in such matters is that Third World chic trumps Eurocentrism, but the sexual demands of trendy Brits and Americans trumps all. Third Worlders matter, not in themselves, but as useful clubs for members of the Chattering Classes to beat up on people in their own culture whom they dislike." - Mark Shea,

although I'd argue that most people only know of Gandhi as an ideal, not as the man he truly was. If one asks, "would you send Gandhi to hell?" they know nothing of Gandhi except the Western hagiographies, and even then, only through a mirror, darkly.

I would answer, "I'm sure plenty of nice people exist who think that black people are 'only a degree removed from the animal' as Gandhi said." And I am sure plenty of people love their mom, their dog, America and apple pie and also believe, as George Orwell quoted, "Hitler killed five million Jews. It is the greatest crime of our time. But the Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher’s knife. They should have thrown themselves into the sea from cliffs."

Shea hits the nail on the head, as usual, but doesn't go deep enough. Gandhi had some good ideas, sure, but he was also capable of truly reprehensible ideas. A Jewish songwriter once wrote, "Put not your trust in Princes: nor in the sonne of man, in whom [there is] no helpe."

A few years later, another Jewish songwriter admonished us, "don't follow leaders, watch the parkin' meters."

Quit deifying people. As that second Jewish songwriter pointed out: You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Hagiography is only for medieval saints, with lots of awesome miracle stories and violence, not for modern men.

Though if I ever write my own autobiography, it will be an autohagiography, but that's just something else entirely. Be sure that it will involve a part where my head is cut off and I carry it around. The cephalophore saints are just that cool. Someone needs to consecrate an entire church devoted to them. I'd go to that church all of the time.